Steve Covington   Guitar, washboard and vocals

Anne Bangert        Backing vocals

Steve Adkisson     Banjo, guitar, and backing vocals

Lauren Schloemer Wilson       Fiddle and backing vocals

Nick Williams        Mando, guitar, and backing vocals

Chris Damele         Upright bass and backing vocals

Steve Covington and The Humble Strays sprouted from a seed planted in the summer of 2016, on a back porch in Owen County Kentucky. That's where Steve Covington and Steve Adkisson first crossed paths. Picking late into the evening, a friendship and musical bond quickly formed. Within a year, Adkisson had talked Covington into forming his own band to further his song writing and performance skills. Steve Covington quickly rounded up a top notch group of pickers made up of the area's best strays. What's a stray you might ask? Well, we refer to highly skilled musicians who aren't currently playing with anyone or performing as a solo act, as being strays. Never easy to find, and even harder to pin down when you do. Covington was able to round out his group with an upright bass player, a classically trained violinist, a left handed mando picker and Adkisson on banjo. Covington evens out the group with guitar and vocals. He quickly realized the magic he had put together. By far the most talented and yet humble group of musicians he'd ever played with in his 20 years of performing. He had surrounded himself with humble strays. The name stuck and they've gone on to forge a powerful Alt-Americana, folky, bluegrass inspired, improv driven powerhouse! With their recipe of old timey and modern influences, they deliver their signature, rootsy groove based originals, sprinkling among them, tasty, obscure covers performed only the way a Humble Stray could! From Celtic fiddle tunes, to straight up foot stompin', washboard smashin', goodness, they'll keep you begging for more!